T20 League

The T20 League currently runs at the start of the summer, with matches begining in late May and running until mid of July. For recent results and upcoming fixtures you can check the Match Centre, older results and stats are available on our Play Cricket page.

The 2021 season will have 19 teams seperated into 3 Divisions. 


T20 League Winners

Year Division One Division Two
2020 Prague CC Kings Prague Spartans Mobilizers
2019 Prague CC Kings Bohemian CC
2018 Prague CC 1st XI N/A
2017 Vinohrady CC 1st XI N/A
2016 Vinohrady CC 1st XI N/A
2015 RC Dresden N/A
2014 Prague CC 1st XI N/A
2013 Prague CC 1st XI N/A
2012 Prague CC N/A
2011 Vinohrady CC N/A


PCC Kings 2020.jpg