The Česko Moravský Kriketový Svaz (ČMKS) is a member based organisation, clubs that join the association become members with full voting rights. the responsibilities of the ČMKS are carried out by the committee, as elected by the member clubs. The current committee is:

Prakash Sadasivan
Sujith Gopalakrishnan 
Somesekhar Banerjee 
Chief Operations OfficerDevelopment
Harsha Chaganty
Suresh Babu Kuramboyina
Pratap Jagtap 
National team manager
Women's Officer
Marketing Director
Sudhir Gladson
Poonam Narendra
Shyamal Joshi


The ČMKS employs the following staff to deliver its aim of growing Cricket in the Czech Republic:

Chief Executive Officer Head of DevelopmentDevelopment Project Manager
Terry O'Connor Chris PearceRenata Marková