Olsanska Nets Bookings


Please note reservations will only be accepted by registered members of the Českomoravský Kriketový Svaz, please ensure that you use the name you are registered with by your club on https://rejstriksportu.cz/

1. if you wish to make multiple bookings, either for multiple days, times or bays. first click the "Enable multiple selection" button.

2. Then select which bay you wish to reserve using the drop down menu

3. Select the day you wish to make the booking for, if the date is in a green circle then there is at lest one session available on that day. If it is in a red circle then there are no available sessions that day.

4. A pop up will appear with the available sessions on that day.

5. Select the session you wish to reserve

6. If you did not enable multiple selections you will then be taken to the booking form. There will be the details of your reservation at the top for you to check and below you must complete the form.

7. Pleae complete your details, if you are booking for a club add the club name in the description. if no club is written in the description section, you will be invoiced personally. 

8. Once you have completed the form press BOOK. 

9 You will receive an email confirming your booking.