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Men's National Team

Men's National Team
The Czech National Team has played in official ICC tournaments in Corfu (2009) and Slovenia (2011). We did not participate in the tournament in Estonia in 2012 due to local transition and financial concerns. Since then we did not participate in official ICC tournaments due to the restructuring of ICC Europe Divisions. 

In 2017 a number of reforms regarding Associate Members and pathways to ICC tournaments were announced and due to the progress we have made in our domestic leagues the Czech Republic returned to ICC tournament cricket in August 2018 at the ICC World T20 Europe Qualifiers in The Netherlands.

Each year we play tours in other European Countries and have been hosting the annual Central European Cup in Prague since 2014. 

Details of past matches can be found on our stats database at And you can check our position in the ICC Men's T20I Team Rankings and see our T20I stats on Cricinfo 


2021 Fixtures

May 21 - 10:00 v Luxembourg - Central Europe Cup - Prague Live stream

May 22  - 10:00 v Austria - Central Europe Cup - Prague 

May 22 - 14:30 v Luxembourg - Central Europe Cup - Prague 

Live Stream

May 23 - 14:30 v Austria - Central Europe Cup - Prague Live Stream

June 3 - 6 Continental Cup - Romania

July 3 - 11 ICC T20 WC European Qualifiers - Belgium - Cancelled due to COVID


2020 Fixtures

Aug 28 - Luxembourg v Czech Republic, Walferdange

Aug 29 -  Czech Republic v Luxembourg, Walferdange

Aug 29 - Belgium v Czech Republic, Walferdange

Aug 30 - Czech Republic v Belgium, Walferdange

Sept 24 - Sept 27 CE Cup, Prague (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

2019 Fixtures:

Jun 21 - CE Cup v Hungary, Prague

Jun 22 - CE Cup v Latvia, Prague

Jun 17 - CE Cup v Switzerland, Prague

Jul 27 & Jul 28: v Hungary, Budapest

Aug 30 - v Austria (T20i)

Aug 30 - v Turkey (T20i)

Aug 31 - v Romania (T20i)

Sep 1 - v Luxembourg (T20i)

Sep 1 - Final v Austria (T20i)

Oct 18 - v Malta

Oct 18 - v Iceland

Oct 19 - v Hungary


High Performance Program