The CMKS indoor league runs from the start of January to early March every year. It is a six a side competition played indoors. In 2019 there will be two Divisions, Division One - Players and Division Two - Pairs. In both Divisions games are made up of 15 six ball overs per side, in Div 1 when batters are out they are replaced by a new batter, in Div 2 they bat in Pairs with a -5 run penalty for each fall of wicket. 

Division One                                                                                                      Division Two

PCC Kings                                                                                                            PCC Rooks

PCC Knights                                                                                                       KACR

Vinohrady Rosso                                                                                               Vinohrady Bianco   

Barbarians Vandals                                                                                          Barbarians Visigoths

Barbarians Saxons                                                                                           Barbarians Vikings  

Bohemians                                                                                                         Barbarians MSD

Division One Winners PCC Kings

Division Two Winners
Barbarians MSD

Past Winners:

2018 - PCC Kings

2017 - PCC Kings

2016 - PCC Kings 

2015 - PCC Knights

2014 - PCC Kings

2013 - Vinohrady Rosso

2012 - Vinohrady Rosso

2011 - Final Abandoned

2010 - Plzeň Panthers