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2016 Winter League

The 2016 ČMKS Winter League will take place at ZŠ Chelčického for the second year after a successful start there in 2015. All spectators are welcome - there is a balcony that provides good views of the action. You can see examples of the games on our YouTube channel.

The 2016 season sees the same eight teams from 2015 competing (from the four main Prague clubs), although the new central location has proved to be very popular so we are hopeful that there will be some expansion in 2017.

There has been a significant change in format compared to last year, with teams batting "in order" rather than in 3 pairs for 5 overs per pair. Full rules will be posted online soon (please standby).


Saturday 12th March
Finals Day

10:00 - 7th vs 8th - PCC Rooks vs Barbarians Visigoths
11:30 - 5th vs 6th - Vino Rosso vs Bohemians
13:00 - 3rd vs 4th - Vino Bianco vs Barbarians Vandals
14:30 - FINAL - PCC Kings vs PCC Knights

updated 6th March

PlayedWonLostRuns ScoredRuns AgainstPoints
PCC Kings77091160614
PCC Knights75284368110
Vino Bianco7436306058
Barbarians Vandals7436536038
Vino Rosso7348436566
PCC Rooks7256696784
Barbarians Visigoths7163897622


Sunday 6th March

PCC Rooks 113-69 Barbarians Visigoths
PCC Knights 111-106 Vino Rosso
Barbarians Vandals 101-118 PCC Kings
Bohemians 46-130 Vino Bianco

Saturday 27th February

Barbarians Vandals 52-75 PCC Rooks
Vinohrady Bianco 125-93 Vinohrady Rosso
Barbarians Visigoths 94-109 Bohemians
PCC Kings 128-85 PCC Knights

Saturday 13th February

PCC Knights 95-107 Barbarians Vandals
PCC Rooks 89-96 Bohemians
PCC Kings 153-41 Vinohrady Bianco 
Vinohrady Rosso 141-30 Barbarians Visigoths

Sunday 7th February

Vinohrady Rosso 187-62 Bohemians
PCC Kings 128-88 Barbarians Visigoths
Vinohrady Bianco 109-72 Barbarians Vandals
PCC Knights 110-101 PCC Rooks

Saturday 30th January

Vinohrady Bianco 115-133 PCC Knights
Barbarians Vandals 98-48 Barbarians Visigoths
PCC Rooks 93-105 Vinohrady Rosso
PCC Kings 129-82 Bohemians

Sunday 24th January

Vinohrady Rosso 109-119 PCC Kings
Bohemians 56-110 Barbarians Vandals
PCC Knights 173-60 Barbarians Visigoths
Vinohrady Bianco 110-108 PCC Rooks

Saturday 16th January

Barbarians Visigoths defeated Vinohrady Bianco by forfeit (late arrivals)
PCC Rooks 100-136 PCC Kings
Bohemians 64-136 PCC Knights
Barbarians Vandals 113-102 Vinohrady Rosso


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