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Rajh Gnanatheeswaran was elected at the 2015 AGM to serve as the High Performance Director in charge of the national teams. Rajh is a national team veteran with keen interest in seeing the side develop.

Dany Hudeček serves as the national team coach, with Dan Casey helping on the administrativeside. Sudhir Gladson has been appointed as the national team captain for the 2015 summer season.

The National Team played in official ICC tournaments in Corfu (2009) and Slovenia (2011). We did not participate in the tournament in Estonia in 2012 due to local transition and financial concerns. On 4th June 2013, the ICC officially informed us that we're no longer in the tournament structure, with 31 official ICC Europe members and only six teams each in the current Division 1, 2 and 3 tournament structure. So in the short-term, we are unlikely to be able to participate in any ICC tournaments.

We are working to develop relationships with neighbours Austria and Germany, who both competed in the Pepsi ICC Europe Division 2 in 2014, so that we can learn from their experiences. The ICC divisions in theory lead to the prize of competing in the World Cup - it gives us a target for 20 years' time anyway!

The Czech Republic has two national representative teams. The Lions are our 1st XI, chosen under ICC qualification rules plus a self-imposed maximum of one local "wildcard" selection. The Eagles team is a combination of Czechs and players on the fringe of the Lions team.

Plans for 2016 are currently in discussion. We hope to host two international weekends in Prague as well as making one trip.

Full details of our Selection Policy can be found here (pdf hosted by scribd.com).

The ICC's official selection rules can be found here but they are quite detailed and complicated. In summary: the official national team can include players who've lived in the Czech Republic for more than seven years (as long as they play at least 50% of the league games, or are heavily involved in developing cricket in the country), plus two players who've lived here for at least four years.

Details of past matches can be found on our stats database at czechnt.play-cricket.com. There is a good compilation of previous matches on the T20 International site too, we will add these to the database in due course.

We are currently adding details to our player profiles on Cricinfo! Click here to see our team on the Internet's home of cricket!


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