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The first cricket match in the Czech Republic was played in 1997, and the Českomoravský Kriketový Svaz was set up in 2000 to drive forward the development of the game.

We currently have four strong clubs in the capital city of Prague, plus other contacts around the country. Approximately 100 players a year participate regularly, a number which has steadily increased since our establishment.

We play a 20-over league, a 40-over league and an indoor league every year. Our new cricket-dedicated facility at Kriket Vinoř has been in operation since 2012. We have net facilities in the centre of Prague, at the Tenisové Centrum Olšanská.

We work in close cooperation with the International Cricket Council (ICC), whose European branch are based at the "Home of Cricket", Lord's Cricket Ground in London. As part of their assistance to us, we provide them with an annual plan, and our stated objectives for 2014 are:

"In 2014 we plan to improve in the following ways: We will continue to grow the game by providing Czech-language information for locals as well as expanding our work in schools. We will work on the facilities available both inside and outside Prague to increase opportunities for new players and the chance for experienced players to improve their game. We will maintain our effective league structure to ensure that all players in the Czech Republic have the chance to participate in good competitive cricket. And our national team will expand its operations with a more solid structure to provide a high level of representative cricket".

Website details

This website is maintained by Dan Casey (please get in touch if you want to help!).

Dan helped to design the website with local (part-time!) cricketer Talib Ujjainwala, whose company Dreamz Unlimited (along with sister company Overtures Infotech, based in India) helped to implement our requirements.

On every page you can see two large images at the side, and six images in the banner.

The side images are:

(left) national team opener Hilal Ahmad celebrating after scoring Prague Cricket Club's first century at the new ground in May 2014. Photo credit: Dan Casey

(right) Czech Cricket President Karel Ziegler at the Vienna Wintercup tournament in February 2014. Photo credit: Joanna Konczak, of Cricket Poland.

The banner images start with the Czech Cricket flag in the background of a match scene. They follow in order:

(1) - photo credit: Dan Casey.
The Czech Cricket flag in Vienna. The photo was taken during the Austria U25s vs Czech Republic match, at Seebarn Cricket Ground in July 2014.

(2) - photo credit: Chris Pearce.
The Czech Eagles team with the Romania team who hosted us so well in June 2014. Eagles captain and national team coach Dany Hudecek is in the bottom-right corner, and Development Director Chris Pearce is on the far-right of the picture.

(3) - photo credit: Dan Casey.
The Czech national team together with the Luxembourg national team after their match at Kriket Vinoř in September 2014.

(4) - photo credit: Iryna Perrett.
PCC bowler Ramesh Padala in action in a friendly against the České Budějovíce Barracudas team, with Barracudas batsman Ray Duraisamy and umpire Som Basu watching on.

(5) - photo credit: Phillip Butterill
ČMKS chairman Hugo Banks faces the bowling of Bohemian CC's Susanta Haldar in the ČMKS Sixes tournament in August 2014. National team veterans Lawrence Acheson (non-striker) and Scott Page (boundary fielder) watch on.

(6) - photo credit: Dan Casey
Two matches at once at Kriket Vinoř. Taken from the top decker of our London bus, the scene is from the Central Europe Cup, with Poland playing Switzerland on the left pitch, and Czech Rep facing Luxembourg on the right pitch.

Czech translations are kindly provided by Mikuláš Starý, Jan Bartošik, Filip Tejmar, Jakub Kratochvil, Alex Kinsey, Lucie Stehnová and Eliška Kóssiová.

The ČMKS logo was designed by Radka Lisková.



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