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President: Karel Ziegler

Chairman: Hugo Banks

Secretary: (vacant)

Treasurer: Paul Taylor

League Admin: Dan Casey

High Performance (national team): Sivagnanam "Rajh" Gnanatheeswaran

Development: Chris Pearce

Commercial: Marek Prorok

Member-without-portfolio: Vojta Haša


Most of the current members of the Executive Committee were elected to serve at the 2015 AGM, which took place in March 2015. All Committee members will serve until the 2017 AGM.

Jonathan Hodgson decided to step down from his role as League Admin in May 2015. The committee held an emergency meeting and voted to confirm that Dan Casey will replace Jonathan on the committee.

Marek Prorok was co-opted onto the committee in June 2015 after expressing in interest in how to expand the sport locally.

Wojtek Kedzior decided to step down from his role as Treasurer in May 2015. Paul Taylor was co-opted on to the committee in September 2015, with Chris Pearce serving as interim treasurer in the meantime.



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