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Lions vs Eagles, July 26th

On Saturday July 26th, Czech Cricket is hosting our annual Lions vs Eagles match.

The intention is to gather our best cricketers for a high-quality but fun friendly, and it's always one of the best weekends of the year.

This year, there are a few notable absentees, but we're proud to see the depth of our talent pool!

The match is planned for "30-plus" overs, depending on the weather on the day.

The following 22 players have been selected. Only players who have played regularly in the league for at least the last two years were considered, although a little leeway has been granted for some native Czechs. The teams will be balanced on the day to ensure a competitive game (especially with the Lions' batting being particularly strong):

Vojta Haša (Vinohrady, Lions captain), Dany Hudeček (Barbarians, Eagles captain), Hilal Ahmad (PCC), Jan Bartošik (PCC), Navoneil Bhattacharyya (Barbarians), Saša Cook (Bohemians), Rohit Deshmoyni (PCC), Lukáš Fencl (Vinohrady), Sudhir Gladson (PCC), Rajh Gnanatheeswaran (PCC), Pratap Jagtap (Bohemians), Vijay Karthikeyan (PCC), Manjeet Malik (Bohemians), Oliver Matoušek (PCC), Chris Pearce (Vinohrady), Prakash Sadasivan (PCC), Brigham Smith (Vinohrady), Rahul Subash (Vinohrady), Miša Tavlaridis (Vinohrady), Suditha Udugalage (PCC), Imran ul-Haq (Bohemians), Karel Ziegler (Bohemians)

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